Improve insurance companies and enterprises health outcomes using big data,
artificial intelligence, and AIoT health services.
Iot Health Data Platform

Through the IoT health data portal, our services cover insurance, enterprises, mobile phones, government, etc., with more than 650 million users.


More Health links more than 90% of digital devices on the market, including smartwatches, bands, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor and over 300 monitoring devices.

More Health covers 28 categories and 400 health care services, including medical check-up, hospital appointment express, telemedicine, international medical services, etc.

Over a Hundred Million Database Scale

Behavior data including exercise, sleep, diet, psychology.

Body index including heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose level, body weight, body temperature.

Industry Standard

Jointly develop the first "Internet of Things Health Data Interaction Platform" in China with the Chronic Disease Center for Disease Control and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

CCSA approves the platform and it becomes the industry standard.

Health Risk Stratification Platform

More Health provides enterprise a series of digitalized health solutions. The platform includes medical check-up report OCR identification,electronic health record management, personal health index grading, abnormal indicator interpretation, risk forecasting, etc.

Health Record

Creates a database of health records according to the national standards.

Label Database

Contains 170,000+ health care and user behavior labeling system.

Medical OCR Engine

Includes structured/unstructured /APP/medical check-up report data collection.

Medical Rule Engine

Provides machine and manual audit dual data intelligent cleaning.

AI Health Intervention Platform

More Health helps you create a personalized, safe, smart, evidence-based guidance and intervention program.

AI Wellness Coach

Prescription Plan


Evidence-based & Expert Ratification

Ability to Pass The National Health Management Division Test

AI Physical Therapist

Motion Bank

7 Types

Rehab Plan

18 Points

Key Movement Identification

AI Dietitian

Recommendations for Different Groups

13 Categories

Intelligence Meal Plans

85.4 %Accuracy

Food Identification